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Vegan bodybuilding tips

Kenneth Williams a vegan bodybuilder

Kenneth Williams a vegan bodybuilding success story

Many people are under the misconception that vegans can’t get big, or they have a harder time doing it. While it’s true that eating meat helps in muscle growth (with hormones and high quality protein) vegans who eat and train properly can match any meat eater in muscle gains. With these 3 vegan bodybuilding tips you can ensure better results at the gym.

Get enough calories

Vegan or not you need plenty of calories to get big. And while this tip applies to everyone, it’s especially relevant to vegans since many vegan foods are less calorie dense. So make sure you get those calories or your body might resort to using protein for fuel, and you need protein to grow muscles.

Go heavy with legumes

Legumes (beans, lentils and soy) are among the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Nutrient per calorie only vegetables beat legumes.

Legumes are also one of the best sources for protein on vegan diet. While the protein might not be as well assimilated as from animal foods, it’s still nothing to sneeze at. And with legumes you avoid saturated fats and other downsides of eating animal foods.

Finally, legumes are a good source of slow burning carbs to fuel your workout.

Opt for quinoa over brown rice

Brown rice is a staple for many vegan bodybuilders. And while it’s good you might want to consider changing to quinoa.

Quinoa is very similar to brown rice and actually tastes like a mix of rice and oatmeal. The benefits of quinoa over brown rice include high protein content. And quinoa is a source of complete protein.

It also doesn’t hurt to change your menu once in a while.

As you can see eating for vegan muscle gain doesn’t have to be difficult. For the most part it comes down to making small changes, like those described in this post. And with changes like this you can ensure you meet your caloric and protein requirements and ensure constant gains at the gym. Don’t let being vegan be an excuse for poor results.