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Muscle Building Rules For Skinny Guys

Skinny guy bodybuilding tips

Get some skinny guy first aid with these bodybuilding tips

Isn’t waking up in the morning and seeing that skinny guy stare back at you from the mirror one of the worst things you could think of? Well, maybe not among the worst, but it certainly doesn’t help your self-esteem.

With that in mind let’s look at few muscle building rules for the skinny guy. Take these to heart, and to the gym, and pretty soon the skinny guy doesn’t stare back at you in the mornings.

#1 Avoid marathon training sessions

Get in the gym, hit the iron hard and get out. This may sound contradictory but if you want to get big, and I mean really big, you have to avoid spending too much time at the gym.

your gym routine shouldn’t consist of sets after sets followed by long rest periods. That’s good for burning calories, but the point of going to the gym is to get big. And to get big you need to push yourself to the max. No excuses. Work those muscles like you have never worked them before. That means workouts that are only 10 to 12 sets long. That’s not too many sets, but you have to make them count. There’s no room for sissy, low-weight sets if you want to get big.

#2 Go for the compound exercises

Now, since you only get a limited number of sets per session you have to make them count. And doing biceps curls followed by triceps kicks isn’t going to cut it.

What you need is serious compound exercises that workout the big muscle groups. I’m talking about bench press, military press, squats, deadlifts and rows.

Get to know those exercises and you’ll soon make progress like you have never seen before.

And this means tossing out the five day split program going for upper/lower body or full body program. That’s the key to massive strength and growth.

#3 Conserve calories

The simple fact is that building big muscles requires extra calories. Just as weight loss requires caloric deficit, weight grain (including muscle gain) requires caloric excess.

That pretty much means you need to ditch cardio. I know it’s good for you and that you don’t want to get fat. But you aren’t.

When you are trying to build serious muscle you should limit cardio, or ditch it completely. It’s just going to burn precious calories that would have otherwise gone towards building muscle.

You can start doing cardio again once you have gained some muscle and can afford to slow down your progress.

#4 Bulk on sleep

Contrary to what many people think muscle doesn’t grow at the gym. It grows in bed. At the gym you stress the muscles but it’s during rest that they respond by getting bigger and stronger.

So skimping on sleep is going to undermine your efforts at the gym. It’s certainly ok to spend time socializing with your friends, but you might want to reconsider late nights getting drunk at the bar. Wait for a few months until you are big and can show off your toned body at the bar. You’ll get lucky easier!

There are really no secrets to muscle building. Following these four simple rules gets you long way to your dream body. So remember to avoid too long training sessions. Instead make them short but intense. Focus on compound exercises that work most of the muscles in your body. Don’t waste calories on cardio, and remember to sleep.

Keep up with this routine for a few months without fail and you are going to make this year the year that you finally ditched the skinny guy from the mirror.


Bodybuilding Workouts for Beginners

One of the biggest mistakes beginner bodybuilders make is to jump to using routines advanced and pro bodybuilders use. The logic goes that if I use a pro routine then I can expect results faster. Nothing could be further from the truth. Beginners should start slowly and focus on building the basic skills of bodybuilding.

Newbie goals

As newbie to building muscles your goal should be to learn correct forms while doing exercises, understand which exercises and machines work which muscles and work on muscle co-ordination.

Unless you master these basic skills it’s unlikely you’ll achieve good results as a bodybuilder. Also, you are highly likely to injure yourself with poor form. This becomes crucial when you start adding more weight. Because the heavier the weight the more important correct form becomes.

Good news is that with little patience learning these skills doesn’t take too long. After a few weeks at the gym you are ready to start slowly adding more weight to the stack.

The key to adding weight is to do it consistently and systematically. Once you gain little muscle you’ll learn that you make progress only by systematically increasing weight and the load you put on your muscles. Working with the same weights doesn’t make you bigger. It just makes your frustrated.

The buzzword is progressive overload. This means you should add little bit more stress on the muscles every time you go to the gym. This could mean more weight or doing more reps. The key is to do is slowly and consistently. Adding huge stacks of weight just leads to injuries, not progress.

As beginner you should do more reps than advanced bodybuilders do. This ensures you don’t increase weights to levels where you are likely to increase yourself. A good goal to aim for is to increase weight after you can do 3 sets of 10 with 1 minute rest between sets. Only after that should you increase weight.

Sample beginner workout routine

To get you started, here’s a sample beginner workout routine.

  • Monday
    • Bench press
    • Incline press
    • Machine fly
    • Crunches
    • Triceps pushdowns
    • Dips
  • Tuesday
    • Leg raises
    • Cable rows
    • Lateral pulldowns
    • T-bar rows
    • Barbell curls
  • Thursday
    • Crunches
    • Squats
    • Leg press
    • Leg extension
    • Leg curls
  • Friday
    • Leg raises
    • Military press
    • Barbell upright rows
    • Side dumbbell lateral rises
    • Standing or seated calf raises
  • Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday rest

Repeat this for 4 to 6 weeks until moving to more advanced routines.