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3 Top Bodybuilding Tips

Are you frustrated with the results you get from your time at the gym? Then these tips are for you. From keeping track of your progress to remembering your purpose for going to the gym, these tips will help you to get more out of iron you hoist.

Bring your workout journal

What’s not measured will not improve. Workout journal is perhaps your most important tool in the gym, along with the iron. Keeping a workout journal allows you to track your progress, identify times when you need more rest and just see that you are on track. If you don’t measure your progress with regular workout journal/log it’s really hard for you to see when you are making progress and when you are stagnating.

So make sure you have your journal with you and write down those numbers, and while you are at the gym…

Train, don’t socialize

It always boggles my mind to see so many guys chatting at the gym. Sure it’s nice to workout with your buddy, but you need to keep in mind the purpose you went to the gym for. Are you there to get big or catch up with your friend?

The truth is that big results require intensive workout with only limited rest periods. Chatting up with your buddy means you spend too much time resting and too little on lifting weights.

So train intensively and socialize after the workout. And when you train, don’t go with the latest muscle building fads.

Stick to proven bodybuilding principles

Listen, every Joe bodybuilder at the gym has his own ‘breakthrough’ ideas about how to get big. The problem is most of them are just fantasy. Muscle building shouldn’t be science fiction.

One of the problem is muscle building magazines. They have to fill a new magazine’s worth of content every month. But the basic science of bodybuilding hasn’t changed in decades, I mean really changed. So these magazines are forced to print shoddy studies and theories just to fill the pages. And these ideas sound great if you don’t really understand the anatomy of muscle building.

The point is that there are proven principles on how to build muscle: intensive workouts + eating lots of calories and protein. You don’t need to know much more than that to get results. Don’t fall into the latest bodybuilding fads.

That’s it for these three simple bodybuilding tips. Thought these are basic ideas most newbies don’t follow them, and that’s why they lack results. So make sure you track your progress and work hard using proven principles and it’s only a matter of time that you get the body you deserve.

One more thing. Did you know that bodybuilding diet is crucial for your success? I recommend you check out this bodybuilding diet tips site for more on that.

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