Strength Training Exercises To Gain The Extra Edge in Sports

One thing that many people forget to consider is choosing strength training exercises specific to them. Exercises that are common in nature are also useful for improving your strength too. If you work a lot of overtime at your place of employment, this cuts out any meaningful time that there may be to do proper exercise routines. Also, it is not normal to be so inactive and spend so much time sitting at a desk. After work, it’s a good idea to do some form of exercising to break the routine such as basketball or an afternoon run. You can actually combine workouts to help you condition for sports as well as stay in shape. The following is a quick overview of strength training exercises that can help you get stronger over time.

The Ab Obsession

Sexy abs are one benefit of strength training

Sexy abs are one benefit of strength training

People in the US almost seem obsessed with the flat stomach and six pack ab look. Obviously we don’t dispute that it is appealing and everyone can look good with it. Still, providing that you participate in sports, carrying on the strengthening of the torso is extremely important for the health and strength of the back. Furthermore, having stronger side obliques and stomach muscles will help you to attain things easier. A lot of the public have confidence in ab crunches, still we want to talk about another idea. Your complete midsection can be strictly firmed and toned with isometric hangings. All you need to do is hang from a bar, hold your legs so your knees are bent 90 degrees and hold it. Attempt it and see if counting to ten is possible.

What’s the best fit for your sport?

Well toned arm muscles is something many dudes would love to say they have, along with awesome abdominals. Nonetheless for the sport you play in, you are aware what will be the best fit for you. Arms can be worked out for strength training via varying approaches. Don’t forget to correspond what you do with the need for your sport. Triceps enter the picture if throwing is frequent. If strengthening your triceps area is the goal, you can accomplish this by lifting dumbbells where you bend over with bending knees and pulling the weights upward. Some more normal means of arriving is via the push up, as it will give your entire arm and triceps a work out as well.

Strength training basics

Simply put there are two general preferences to exercise with strength training. Free weights or weight training devices can be used as some people prefer them. Different individuals favor their body weight to use instead of free weights. Either way for sports can achieve results. Some pro athletes have confidence only in natural body kinds of exercising. Entering professional football a long time ago, Hershel Walker was newsworthy due to the fact that weights were not used. If you are looking for a good bodybuilding program that uses both bodyweight and weights, then I recommend you check out No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonte. It’s one of the best programs for beginner and intermediate muscle builders.

Utilizing only exercises with body weight, Walker still was a fierce fighter when playing football. Weight lifting exercises have many benefits, but one of the best is learning to be disciplined. Most people maybe never even consider it, and they are too preoccupied with losing weight, getting six packs, etc. While you are doing an exercise program, that is the time to let your motivation allow you to make other changes. The first thing you need to do to change your life is to decide to do it. Once you get started on changing your life, then you need a little perseverance to keep going. What is important in making changes is to make it a lifelong endeavor.


Quick Guide To Reducing Body Fat

Quite to reducing body fat

Successful body fat reduction comes down to 3 key areas: right foods, cut calories and exercise

Everybody wants to have sexy and slim body. Physically it’s one of the sexiest attributes in the opposite sex. It speaks of discipline, will power and health. However many more people try to reduce body fat than actually succeed. 55% of Americans are classified as obese and the American Dietic Association has registered over 30’000 different diets.

Yet, losing weight and reducing body fat need not to be complicated. In fact it’s simple. But it’s not easy. This short overview shows how to lose body fat and covers the three key areas.

Choose the right foods

Picking the right foods is perhaps the most important factor in body fat reduction success. Making improper food choices can lead to craving, motivation problems and generally feeling not so great. The right food choices motivate you, fuel your exercises and make you feel good that you are doing the right thing for your body.

No surprises here. Choose real foods. Foods that are high in nutrients and not too high in calories. That means eating lots of vegetables, beans and legumes, lean means, whole grains and fruits. Avoid processed food and junk food. If it comes in a box, don’t eat it.

Reduce calories

All quality studies on weight loss show that fat reduction is mostly a matter of caloric reduction. No successful and sustainable weight loss has happened without eating fewer calories than you burn.

For long term sustainability aim to eat 500 calories less than what you burn, and never eat fewer than 1100 calories per day. With 500 calorie deficit you can expect to lose about 1 lbs. of body fat per week.

Trying to lose more than this is not sustainable and can actually make you gain weight.


Successful body fat reduction rarely happens without exercise. Exercise boosts your metabolic rate and helps you to burn more calories. And because you burn more calories you can also eat more. Studies have shown that exercise actually reduces feelings of hunger during body fat reduction.

Your exercise regimen should include both cardiovascular exercise and weight training. Cardio is great for burning a lot of calories, but you also need weight training. Weight training helps to prevent muscle loss that usually occurs during weight loss. It also helps to build new muscle that burns calories. That’s why studies have shown that combining both cardio and strength training leads to more weight loss than cardio alone.


Reducing body fat is simple. This post covered the basis. You need to eat real foods. Don’t eat too much. Exercise. That’s it. There’s really nothing more to it. So we can say that reducing body fat is simple. But it’s not easy. It requires patience, delaying gratification and saying no to yourself. And because most people find this difficult they fail in losing body fat. And that’s precisely why it’s worth the effort. Succeed in this and you’ll be one of the few people who stand out of the crowd.

Muscle Building Rules For Skinny Guys

Skinny guy bodybuilding tips

Get some skinny guy first aid with these bodybuilding tips

Isn’t waking up in the morning and seeing that skinny guy stare back at you from the mirror one of the worst things you could think of? Well, maybe not among the worst, but it certainly doesn’t help your self-esteem.

With that in mind let’s look at few muscle building rules for the skinny guy. Take these to heart, and to the gym, and pretty soon the skinny guy doesn’t stare back at you in the mornings.

#1 Avoid marathon training sessions

Get in the gym, hit the iron hard and get out. This may sound contradictory but if you want to get big, and I mean really big, you have to avoid spending too much time at the gym.

your gym routine shouldn’t consist of sets after sets followed by long rest periods. That’s good for burning calories, but the point of going to the gym is to get big. And to get big you need to push yourself to the max. No excuses. Work those muscles like you have never worked them before. That means workouts that are only 10 to 12 sets long. That’s not too many sets, but you have to make them count. There’s no room for sissy, low-weight sets if you want to get big.

#2 Go for the compound exercises

Now, since you only get a limited number of sets per session you have to make them count. And doing biceps curls followed by triceps kicks isn’t going to cut it.

What you need is serious compound exercises that workout the big muscle groups. I’m talking about bench press, military press, squats, deadlifts and rows.

Get to know those exercises and you’ll soon make progress like you have never seen before.

And this means tossing out the five day split program going for upper/lower body or full body program. That’s the key to massive strength and growth.

#3 Conserve calories

The simple fact is that building big muscles requires extra calories. Just as weight loss requires caloric deficit, weight grain (including muscle gain) requires caloric excess.

That pretty much means you need to ditch cardio. I know it’s good for you and that you don’t want to get fat. But you aren’t.

When you are trying to build serious muscle you should limit cardio, or ditch it completely. It’s just going to burn precious calories that would have otherwise gone towards building muscle.

You can start doing cardio again once you have gained some muscle and can afford to slow down your progress.

#4 Bulk on sleep

Contrary to what many people think muscle doesn’t grow at the gym. It grows in bed. At the gym you stress the muscles but it’s during rest that they respond by getting bigger and stronger.

So skimping on sleep is going to undermine your efforts at the gym. It’s certainly ok to spend time socializing with your friends, but you might want to reconsider late nights getting drunk at the bar. Wait for a few months until you are big and can show off your toned body at the bar. You’ll get lucky easier!

There are really no secrets to muscle building. Following these four simple rules gets you long way to your dream body. So remember to avoid too long training sessions. Instead make them short but intense. Focus on compound exercises that work most of the muscles in your body. Don’t waste calories on cardio, and remember to sleep.

Keep up with this routine for a few months without fail and you are going to make this year the year that you finally ditched the skinny guy from the mirror.

Vegan bodybuilding tips

Kenneth Williams a vegan bodybuilder

Kenneth Williams a vegan bodybuilding success story

Many people are under the misconception that vegans can’t get big, or they have a harder time doing it. While it’s true that eating meat helps in muscle growth (with hormones and high quality protein) vegans who eat and train properly can match any meat eater in muscle gains. With these 3 vegan bodybuilding tips you can ensure better results at the gym.

Get enough calories

Vegan or not you need plenty of calories to get big. And while this tip applies to everyone, it’s especially relevant to vegans since many vegan foods are less calorie dense. So make sure you get those calories or your body might resort to using protein for fuel, and you need protein to grow muscles.

Go heavy with legumes

Legumes (beans, lentils and soy) are among the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Nutrient per calorie only vegetables beat legumes.

Legumes are also one of the best sources for protein on vegan diet. While the protein might not be as well assimilated as from animal foods, it’s still nothing to sneeze at. And with legumes you avoid saturated fats and other downsides of eating animal foods.

Finally, legumes are a good source of slow burning carbs to fuel your workout.

Opt for quinoa over brown rice

Brown rice is a staple for many vegan bodybuilders. And while it’s good you might want to consider changing to quinoa.

Quinoa is very similar to brown rice and actually tastes like a mix of rice and oatmeal. The benefits of quinoa over brown rice include high protein content. And quinoa is a source of complete protein.

It also doesn’t hurt to change your menu once in a while.

As you can see eating for vegan muscle gain doesn’t have to be difficult. For the most part it comes down to making small changes, like those described in this post. And with changes like this you can ensure you meet your caloric and protein requirements and ensure constant gains at the gym. Don’t let being vegan be an excuse for poor results.

Bodybuilding Workouts for Beginners

One of the biggest mistakes beginner bodybuilders make is to jump to using routines advanced and pro bodybuilders use. The logic goes that if I use a pro routine then I can expect results faster. Nothing could be further from the truth. Beginners should start slowly and focus on building the basic skills of bodybuilding.

Newbie goals

As newbie to building muscles your goal should be to learn correct forms while doing exercises, understand which exercises and machines work which muscles and work on muscle co-ordination.

Unless you master these basic skills it’s unlikely you’ll achieve good results as a bodybuilder. Also, you are highly likely to injure yourself with poor form. This becomes crucial when you start adding more weight. Because the heavier the weight the more important correct form becomes.

Good news is that with little patience learning these skills doesn’t take too long. After a few weeks at the gym you are ready to start slowly adding more weight to the stack.

The key to adding weight is to do it consistently and systematically. Once you gain little muscle you’ll learn that you make progress only by systematically increasing weight and the load you put on your muscles. Working with the same weights doesn’t make you bigger. It just makes your frustrated.

The buzzword is progressive overload. This means you should add little bit more stress on the muscles every time you go to the gym. This could mean more weight or doing more reps. The key is to do is slowly and consistently. Adding huge stacks of weight just leads to injuries, not progress.

As beginner you should do more reps than advanced bodybuilders do. This ensures you don’t increase weights to levels where you are likely to increase yourself. A good goal to aim for is to increase weight after you can do 3 sets of 10 with 1 minute rest between sets. Only after that should you increase weight.

Sample beginner workout routine

To get you started, here’s a sample beginner workout routine.

  • Monday
    • Bench press
    • Incline press
    • Machine fly
    • Crunches
    • Triceps pushdowns
    • Dips
  • Tuesday
    • Leg raises
    • Cable rows
    • Lateral pulldowns
    • T-bar rows
    • Barbell curls
  • Thursday
    • Crunches
    • Squats
    • Leg press
    • Leg extension
    • Leg curls
  • Friday
    • Leg raises
    • Military press
    • Barbell upright rows
    • Side dumbbell lateral rises
    • Standing or seated calf raises
  • Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday rest

Repeat this for 4 to 6 weeks until moving to more advanced routines.

3 Natural Bodybuilding Tips for Great Results

Natural bodybuilding results

Natural bodybuilding results for inspiration!

Being a natural bodybuilder can be hard. When you start getting big nobody seems to believe you did it naturally. The public perception is that every big guy is on steroids. In times like these it’s easy to start questioning your decision. But it’s especially in times like that you should be proud of what you achieved. Because the natural way is the harder way. What follows here are a few natural bodybuilding tips to make the process easier.

Believe in miracles

You know the saying that if you shoot for the mud you are going to hit it, but if you shoot for the moon you are at least going to hit the clouds. The point is not to underestimate what you can achieve as a natural bodybuilder.

Too often people use lack of drugs as an excuse for inferior results. Don’t do that. Don’t give in to excuses.

Sure, steroids can give you an advantage, but that doesn’t mean natural bodybuilders couldn’t achieve almost miraculous results. It just takes knowledge, hard work and dedication.

And when you get big, know what you are going to say to the skeptics.

Get ready for skeptics

When you get big, nobody is going to believe you did it naturally. This surely must be one of the most frustrating things about natural bodybuilding. All that effort you put in doing it the hard way – and then nobody believes you.

But the important thing is that you know the truth. You know you did it naturally and that’s what matters. Let the sore losers think what they want. You know the truth.

Be proud of your decision but allow others to make their own

Be proud but don’t be righteous. Whether or not to use steroids is each person’s individual choice. So be proud of what you achieved naturally, but don’t look down on people who use steroids. Avoid criticizing them.

Remember that success in bodybuilding takes lots of hard work, patience and knowledge. And that’s even if you use steroids. It’s good to keep in mind that every big guy has put in an incredible amount of hours and efforts to get where they are. Try to appreciate their achievements – even if you don’t agree with all their methods.

That’s it for these natural bodybuilding tips. I hope they’ve helped to follow through on your decision to be natural. It’s not always easy. It’s the hard way. Keep that in mind in the middle of all the criticism. Follow through. Believe in miracles and you’ll get there.

3 Top Bodybuilding Tips

Are you frustrated with the results you get from your time at the gym? Then these tips are for you. From keeping track of your progress to remembering your purpose for going to the gym, these tips will help you to get more out of iron you hoist.

Bring your workout journal

What’s not measured will not improve. Workout journal is perhaps your most important tool in the gym, along with the iron. Keeping a workout journal allows you to track your progress, identify times when you need more rest and just see that you are on track. If you don’t measure your progress with regular workout journal/log it’s really hard for you to see when you are making progress and when you are stagnating.

So make sure you have your journal with you and write down those numbers, and while you are at the gym…

Train, don’t socialize

It always boggles my mind to see so many guys chatting at the gym. Sure it’s nice to workout with your buddy, but you need to keep in mind the purpose you went to the gym for. Are you there to get big or catch up with your friend?

The truth is that big results require intensive workout with only limited rest periods. Chatting up with your buddy means you spend too much time resting and too little on lifting weights.

So train intensively and socialize after the workout. And when you train, don’t go with the latest muscle building fads.

Stick to proven bodybuilding principles

Listen, every Joe bodybuilder at the gym has his own ‘breakthrough’ ideas about how to get big. The problem is most of them are just fantasy. Muscle building shouldn’t be science fiction.

One of the problem is muscle building magazines. They have to fill a new magazine’s worth of content every month. But the basic science of bodybuilding hasn’t changed in decades, I mean really changed. So these magazines are forced to print shoddy studies and theories just to fill the pages. And these ideas sound great if you don’t really understand the anatomy of muscle building.

The point is that there are proven principles on how to build muscle: intensive workouts + eating lots of calories and protein. You don’t need to know much more than that to get results. Don’t fall into the latest bodybuilding fads.

That’s it for these three simple bodybuilding tips. Thought these are basic ideas most newbies don’t follow them, and that’s why they lack results. So make sure you track your progress and work hard using proven principles and it’s only a matter of time that you get the body you deserve.

One more thing. Did you know that bodybuilding diet is crucial for your success? I recommend you check out this bodybuilding diet tips site for more on that.

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